I see life between-the-pages

2015-10-06 11.41.13 1

This artwork depicts my love and passion for reading… and collecting books per se.

This is how I feel when my nose is buried between the pages of my book.

This is how I escape my wretched reality.

I started reading since 8 y/o. I was introduced to another dimension, and different worlds… far from my obscured life. Whenever I need a chapter break from everything, books are my retreat.

Now, my life’s still full of surprises, wizardry and villains. I am in a place where different plot twists and happy endings exist. Letters, phrases, and words consume me.

This is my life with books – a blissful, vivid one. ♥

2015-10-06 11.41.21 1

My current header for this blog. Bookish-inspired artwork ♥ I only used pencil and sign pen. 🙂