About Me | Aby ♥

Who am I?


A Mass Communication graduate from New Era University Residing in SJDM, Bulacan | 20 years old

Most of my friends call me by my nickname, and I prefer it that way (the shorter, the better). While those who aren’t close to me usually state my name in full. And sometimes, they pronounce it incorrectly. Instead of ab”I”gail, they always tease me by saying ab”E”gail, because that’s how it is spelled. (abEEgail. What?!)

♥ I’m an avid fan of TAYLOR SWIFT and I love JOHNNY DEEP so much.

♥ I’m also a filmaholic (I don’t know if such word exist, but that’s just how I describe myself for becoming so addicted in watching movies).

♥ I consider myself as a frustrated singer/dancer, and a frustrated sketch-artist too. 😀 🙂

There are five things that smell so good to me and these are my life’s greatest pleasures:

Smell of BOOKS, both old and new. Because it has that calming effect on me.
♥ The scent of coffee I’m addicted to coffees – a perfect partner with books. ^_^
Sweet smell of chocolates. I am definitely in love with them. If only I can marry chocolates, and be with them forever. Too impossible.
Cinnamon’s aroma. Others find this weird. I just love eating cinnamon breads, and it is one of my comfort food.
A guy’s perfume. YES! I prefer a guy’s perfume rather than girl’s. Just don’t ask me why.

I love being with my best friends…

… but most of the time, I prefer to be left alone. (Not-a-people-person, maybe)

Why Bookversations.ph?

To be honest, I’m having a hard time creating rare and unique usernames that will somehow suit my personality. Since I love talking about books and I love sharing it with everyone, I decided to merge the word ‘books’ and ‘conversation’. But of course, when I google(d) that word, there are few people who already used it (just a few) :), so I considered adding .ph since I’m from the Philippines. Voila! Bookversations.ph 🙂 But I still love ‘abybliophile’ username, it suits me well 🙂

What’s my BLOG all about?

My blog will focus with BOOKS, and BOOKS, and none other than BOOKS! 🙂 Aside from that, I will also include my book reviews and some sort of my experiences regarding booksigning events and etc…


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