I’m back to the “place where I belong”

IT FEELS SO GOOD to be back!

I didn’t have any blog post since I got my work, because I didn’t have much time to contemplate such things. Things like: book reviews and all.

I couldn’t write book reviews for those people who requested that from me (I apologize).

I even had book slumps. I came to a point where I can’t read anymore. And it was the saddest thing that ever happened to me. It’s like my life has been taken away from me.

One thing I have learned from that experience is to have Time Management. Dedication and willingness should also be considered. Without it, you will lose your passion for reading and writing, right? 🙂

I made a promise to myself that once I get back here, and start all over again, I have to continue doing it. Even if I am busy. We have this word called “Priorities”. I should set my priorities straight.

I’m happy because I can finally make this work again.

Tsundoku at its finest! Endless TBR list, here I come. ♥

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