Bookversations with Taylor W. Law

I just wanted to ask who was your inspiration in writing this book, especially in Jill’s character? Is it your own story? 
Taylor: Hmm…that’s a tough question. Is it my own story? I would have to say yes and no. I think this is first and foremost Jill’s story and she is very much real. But for the sake of privacy, I have to leave my answer at that!

What is the hardest thing you’ve experienced/encountered while writing your novel ‘Return To Me?’

Taylor: I think it was having to recall the memories that eventually became the scenes that made up this book.

Can you tell us more about the cover of your first book, and how did you come up with it as well.

Taylor: We originally had about a dozen mockups that ranged from sweet to a little racy. I settled on this one because it has a feeling of warmth and hope that I think best represents the story.

Let’s talk about your style of writing: do you write based on your feelings/emotions, or is it based on objective ideas or both? 

Taylor: I never really thought about this…I think I would have to say feelings and emotions. This story was mostly constructed by weaving together a series of memories which is in itself a pretty emotional experience.

How do you deal with this so called ‘writer’s block’? Have you experienced it? 

Taylor: Yes, but I’ve found an exercise that helps me get out of it. I write down all the possible things a character would do within the scene and then pick out the one that best expands the story-line and take it from there.

What are your preferred genres when writing? 

Taylor: Romance. I want to try horror…but I’m too scared.

What advice can you give to the aspiring writers out there, especially the young ones? 
Taylor: DO IT ALREADY. 🙂

If you want to know more about Taylor Law, you can reach him thru:

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