Book Review: My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga

Title: My Heart and Other Black Holes
Author: Jasmine Warga
My rating: A hearty five (♥♥♥♥♥)

Books and flowers. Perfect match ♥

What's the story all about

My Heart and Other Black Holes, a breathtaking and inspiring novel of Jasmine Warga, is about a story between two forlorn characters (Aysel & Roman) who found themselves in a very dark place, which made them lose their sense of hope and finally decided to put an end to their lives.

PS: NO WORRIES, there are no spoilers. I will not describe the book precisely because I’m afraid to spoil those people who will read my post 🙂

If you want more, you may visit Jasmine Warga’s blog: ♥

About the author


According to her account in goodreads and her own blog site, Jasmine Warga was born in United States from a small town of Ohio, Cincinnati. My Heart and Other Black Holes is her very first novel which was published this year (2015) by Balzer + Bray and Harper Collins. This book has already 25 editions, and its average rating on goodreads is 4.07. For now, she’s currently writing her second book which will be tentatively published next year (2016) and some of her fans, including me, still don’t have any idea with regards to her second book. 🙂

“Things I like: Animals (of all sorts!), especially my cat, Salvador, and my puppy, Scout. Surrealist sketches. Iced coffee. The night sky. Old swing sets. Music. Rainy mornings. (This list could get obnoxiously long so I will stop here.)

Things I do not like: Talking about things I dislike.”

– Jasmine Warga

What do i think

Here’s my short review:

I’m struggling to continue reading this story sometimes, (not because it isn’t a good one) but because it was so melancholic that I wanted to cheer up the characters and tell them that I understand what they’re going through, since I’ve already experience that feeling of being trapped inside a deep, dark hole, and couldn’t get myself out of it. Living a life within those moments feels like hell, so dull, and so gloomy.

However, this novel lighted up a spark of HOPE inside me. I am really grateful that this book has made its way into my heart. I found a great solace in this novel during my periods of depression.

Depression isn’t something to take lightly, it isn’t something you want to have in your life either. It was like a poison, a black slug that seeps deep inside your soul, depleting all your positive outlooks in life. If it’s not treated right away, it can result into unimaginable effects; like suicidal thoughts, and it is something that must be avoided.

I’m just happy that Aysel and Roman decided to fight for their lives, for not giving up, and for realizing that LIFE IS WORTH SAVING.


Here’s the semi-colon symbol.

This book gave me hope, it SAVED me. ♥_♥


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