My first ‘book signing event’ ever! #CTCinPH

Unforgettable and remarkable experience? Yes! 

Not all people will understand the bliss and excitement that we bookworms felt during book signing events. It was like seeing your favorite boy band or meeting your favorite artists/idols. It’s all the same to us. We can also feel the rush of excitement flowing through our veins, the agony of waiting for more than 24 hours just to get first in line, jumping and screaming like a kid begging for attention…well a fan is a fan right?

20th!!! Yehey :)

I only got three books, since I don’t have enough money </3 haha Ugly Love, The Light in the Wound and Confess.

I’ve been reading books ever since I was a kid, then I stopped doing it when I was in high school because, well, I don’t know what happened to me at that time 😦 Then I got back my bookish consciousness by the time when I was in college (YAY! FINALLY), and that’s how I started again for becoming so addicted with books. 🙂

I never thought that I would be so elated and thrilled upon seeing my favorite authors. I just feel like I’m going insane! I’ve got cold and sweaty palms, my tears were falling unconsciously, and I screamed like it’s the end of the world (Ha! I know it’s too OA but gaaaaahd! I really felt those emotions as soon as I saw them walking towards me. NO, I mean towards the stage 🙂 )

But then, who are these authors I’ve been dying to see? They’re Colleen Hoover, Tarryn Fisher, and Christine Brae and just to make it short, they were known as ‘CTC’. These three outstanding authors created a storm of people, cheering and shouting their names during their visits in Cebu and here in Manila last week.

“Hundreds of people lined up overnight outside a mall just to get a glimpse of Hoover, Fisher, and Brae for a chance to have their books signed and maybe a selfie, too. The impact of these three novelists to the Philippines were evident in the delighted faces of their fans, happily and gratefully clutching their signed books from their admired authors.” – By Lara Tan, CNN Philippines

Photo from kuya Mark Luigi DeTomas Rosario-Sinclair

Photo from kuya Mark Luigi DeTomas Rosario-Sinclair

YES! And I’m one of those avid fans who stayed up overnight. Actually, it’s my first time not to sleep for 24 hours and urge myself to stay awake in the best way I could – well, it was really a challenging and fun experience for me and my friends. Good thing I have them on my side, because both of them are so fond of talking and I don’t feel sleepy when we’re chatting about everything. 🙂


Colleen Hoover

“After only three years since her first self-published book, Slammed, author Colleen Hoover now has ten New York Times best-selling novels under her belt. Her latest new adult fiction book Confess is included in that prestigious list.” – By Lara Tan, CNN Philippines

YAY! She’s one the reasons why I really want to go to #CTCinPH event. Maybe Someday is the first book I’ve read from Colleen Hoover’s novels. My best friend recommend this for me to read, and it did not disappoint me. In fact, as soon as I finished it, I read the other books of Colleen Hoover and these are: Maybe Not, Never NeverUgly Love, Confess, Hopeless, Losing Hope, & Finding Cinderella. I haven’t read the Slammed Series, but some fellow readers told me that it’s one of her good books, so maybe I’ll start reading it next week. 🙂

What made you fall in love with Colleen Hoover’s books?

Aside from her unique premises and story lines, Colleen has that extraordinary talent in writing that really affected me in so many different ways. For me, she’s the epitome of an idiosyncratic writer. Her stories are always distorted especially when I’m reaching the conflict of the story and that made me love her even more, because I love plot twisted stories! 🙂

Christine Brae

“Christine Brae is a full time career woman who thought she could write a book about her life and then run away as far as possible from it. She never imagined that her words would touch the hearts of so many women with the same story to tell. She is currently working on her third book which she hopes to release in June,2014.” – Goodreads

Another excellent author I’ve been wanting to see! Christine Brae is known for her heart-warming books: The Light in The Wound, His Wounded Light, & Insipid. Though I am not yet finished in reading Insipid, I must say that she is a magnificent writer, and I’m such a lucky girl because I get the chance to hug her and meet her in person! 🙂

What made you fall in love with Christine Brae’s books?

Knowing that her book — The Light in The Wound is based from her story, it caught a lot of reader’s attention, including mine. Just as I started reading the first page, I got hooked up with the story, and it didn’t fail my expectations… (My review regarding this book will be posted soon). She made me cry. she made me laugh, she broke my heart (but in a good way), and she made me think a lot of things about love in her own perspective. She has a good heart, and that made me love her even more – plus, her books are wonderful. 🙂

Tarryn Fisher


“I would like to write a novel that every, single person loves, but not even J.K. Rowling could do that. Instead, I try to write stories that pull on people’s emotions. I believe that sadness is the most powerful emotion, and swirled with regret the two become a dominating force. I love villains. Three of my favorites are Mother Gothel, Gaston and the Evil Queen who all suffered from a pretty wicked case of vanity (like me). I like to make these personality types the center of my stories.” – Tarryn Fisher, Goodreads

I didn’t get the chance to meet and talk to her in person because I haven’t read her books: The Opportunist, Dirty Red, Thief, and Mud Vein, but I have some clues about her write-ups since I already read Never Never part 1 and 2 (in collaboration with Colleen Hoover). However, her books are already included with my to-read list. 🙂

One of my ‘first times’ that I’ll never forget


‘Keep your e-eyes open!” -haha

I couldn’t contain my happiness when it’s already time for us to get inside the mall’s premises. At exactly 10:00 in the morning (September 13), Megamall’s security guards finally allowed us to go inside for the pre-registration, and I am so giddy that I’m in the 20th -lucky girl 🙂


Early birds! These empty chairs will be filled with hopeful, and giddy avid fanatics.

With my cheery, talkative friends…

As soon as we’re inside, we couldn’t stop staring around us and smiling with the other fellow bookworms. We’re so happy – who isn’t? 🙂


This is where they will sit. yay! ^_^

We arrived at 10:00 in the morning, then we waited for about 4 hours because the event will start at exactly 2:00 in the afternoon. That was the longest hours of my whole life 😦

Here comes the fun part…

Warning:PLEASE Keep your VOLUME DOWN! 🙂 We all screamed too much haha

There… there. That was really the fun part. I couldn’t stop myself from screaming because I’m so thrilled and overjoyed about everything that is happening around me. I felt pain in my throat (because of shouting and yelling), I felt like I couldn’t breathe because of too much crowd that surrounds me… but as soon as I get a glimpse of them, my tears trickled down my cheeks (without knowing it at first). Tears of joy, yes. 🙂 😀


Interview portion 🙂 (Sorry about my cam – it’s too blurry)

Meeting Brae and Hoover ♥

Christine was so lovely, and kind, and super humble. She has also got that smiling face. I was really nervous when I approached her, but it’s all gone when she smiled right back at me 🙂 Too bad, I didn’t have a photo with Alex (one of the characters in her book The Wounded Light; and her husband in real life. Yie ♥)

YES! Colleen hugged me! One of my achievements in life – to be hugged by one of my favorite author, it’s included in my bucket list anyway. 🙂  Read her books guys! You’ll feel what I felt during those moments and you will understand why am I being so ecstatic when I see her in person… haha! 🙂 😀 ^_^

I just need to clarify some concerns…

Photo from @nbsalert

Photo from @nbsalert

We both know that it is my very first book signing event in my whole life, and even though my heart was filled with pure joy and excitement, there are still some negatives that I noticed during the event. (This is just an opinion) 🙂

  1. Despite of the successful program, NBS didn’t planned out the ‘pre’ pre-registration — what I mean is the line-ups that were made during the night (before the ‘real’ pre-registration inside the mall). Some of the bookworms who were attending the past book signing events told me “Ngayon lang ito nangyari…” “First time to na ganito kagulo…” “Hindi organize yung pila…” bla bla bla. That’s why some concerned groups decided to make a list of individuals who were already there ‘gabi pa lang’, or those who are already there for almost two days.
  2. The book signing proper. One word — chaos. Yes, I know it’s acceptable that we will all get too excited whenever our idols or favorite boy bands or favorite artist will just show up on the stage. But what I can’t take is when everyone got too aggressive when the book signing proper already took place that I have to bring my things with me (my bags, and other stuffs — plus my books). Seats were already disoriented, etc, and all I could think was just chaos. I was expecting more from the said event, thinking that it would be all so organize and more systematized. I’m quite disappointed about it NBS.

BUT, still it was really a great and awesome experience for me and for the fellow readers out there. See you on the next book signing event! (whenever I get the chance) 🙂


Smiiilleee 🙂

I will never forget… those loud and giddy conversations
I will never forget… those new random faces and their genuine smiles
I will never forget… those sleepless hours, but still having a full-bar energy ( yay ^_^ )
I will never forget… those long walks and my tired, aching feet
I will never forget… those banners and my frantic screams, and the tears falling from my eyes…

Because really…
I will never, ever forget ‘yesterdays’. (Sept.13, 2015)


– Aby Cabrera

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